A review app

A delivery review app is a delivery directory where you can look through the venues nearby, find more detailed information about each one of them, and read actual reviews from the people who visited them. A review is a very important thing in today's time whether in the field of food & delivery or any other. Your Reviews & Ratings of a delivery helps many people in future as it helps them in finding the best place and food. Probably the most obvious and common example of this kind of app is Yelp.

Transparent Feedback

A delivery app mostly always displays the feedback received on their dishes or service. This creates a reliable environment for customers as they know the positives as well as the negatives. Also, feedback serves like a guidance to the delivery owners to modify or improve what their customers desire.

Both new as well as existing business owners can derive benefits by choosing to develop or add a delivery app. It is just considering what all functionalities to include through specific API integrations that can add real value to the online food ordering and delivering experience. With an app, reaching a larger audience in the same vicinity becomes possible without having to spend time reaching people outbound, or attending phone calls limiting your capacity.

Why User Reviews Are Important Today?

User reviews are more significant than ever for businesses these days and a growing number of registered users and reviews on apps like Yelp prove it too.

One of the most interesting things about these review-based apps is that customers voluntarily share reviews evaluating businesses and their products or services. Personal experiences with a particular product or service listed on an online feedback system containing reviews and ratings indicate the level of customer satisfaction.

But most of the existing applications for food businesses are more delivery-focused and lack food-specific reviews and ratings that a foodie is actually after.

Key Features Of delivery Review Apps

If you want to create an app, it is important to list down the core features that the app must-have. We are listing down top features here that are essential for a food review app.

Review and rating system - It is the feature that has the most impact on users. A user not just looks for reviews to decide what to eat and where, but also the ratings of the served food and services from his personal experience.

Geolocation and location-based search are essential for a user as it helps them find places near their existing location. The app automatically picks up the user location to provide multiple food choices near them, this increases the in-app experience.

Social login - Login through social media accounts like Facebook simplifies the registration process for the app as well as lets users share their experiences of food and the application on social accounts. It gives the app a word-of-mouth promotion.

Push notifications have several roles to play for deliverys as well as diners. They provide information as per user preferences and creates personalized offers for the users. The app also uses information from check-ins and reviews for a highly personalized experience.

Photo/video uploading - This is the crucial feature of the app as it enables users to share their dining and food experiences visually through photos and videos in their reviews.

User accounts - The app has two types of users; and thus, two types of accounts. User accounts for individuals and business accounts for deliverys and food providers.

Analytics - A food review app also provides analytics to users to track and compare their activities and engagement with other users. Business owners, on the other side, use analytics to track the activity on their business page.

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