Integrated payment gateways

Safely collect payments from customers in your choice of currency with the help of secure payment gateways. Provide an option for your customers to pay for their order by choosing any of the multiple payment gateways provided in your form.

Un-complicate calculations

Easily perform both simple and complex calculations using the form inputs your respondents have entered. Employ the various calculation fields and collect payments based on these values through secure payment gateways.

Email order confirmations

Notify yourself and your respondents with confirmation emails when new orders are placed and payments have been successfully processed.

Go paperless with e-invoices and receipts

Configure your forms to send respondents emails containing attachments of online invoices, tickets, passes, and receipts once a payment has been made and a submission is successful.

Types of Payment Methods for ECommerce

Credit/Debit card payments:

Payments via cards are one of the most widely used and popular methods not only in India but on the international level.

Prepaid card payments:

As an alternative for credit/debit cards, prepaid cards are introduced.

Bank transfers:

Though not popular nowadays but still bank transfer is considered as an essential payment method for eCommerce.


E-wallet is one of the upcoming trends which gives a new shopping experience altogether. The use of e-wallets is becoming popular at an alarming rate.


Let’s face it, in India cash is the king. For eCommerce, it comes in the form of the cash-on-delivery option.

Mobile payments:

Payment acceptance was no exception for mobile penetration.


Though not popular yet, cryptocurrencies are rapidly but surely gaining a spot as a favorable payment method, particularly with PineSucceed.

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