Benefits Of E-commerce Product Customization & Personalization

Who won’t love a personal touch in a product they order?

And at the end of the day, offering customers exactly what they want is the core of any business. The best way to do so is by asking the customers what they want!

Here comes the product customization in the picture. It is the latest trend and can give an edge to your business. E-commerce product customization and personalization can add value to your store when planned out thoughtfully.

Product personalization allows building a relationship with customers and make your business seem authentic and humanly. This is not it. There are more advantages to offering product customization in E-commerce.

Benefits of E-commerce Product Customization & Personalization:

Personalized experience

When the customers are a part of the designing process, and they can decide how the product should look and feel, it gives them a personal and intrigued shopping experience. Letting customers decide the colour, text, image, etc. of the end product helps in improving the shopping experience which is beneficial for the brand. For example, the Magento 2 Product Designer extension offers the web to print feature allowing customers to customize the product!

Increase in profit margin

Customers are ready to pay more for customization facility. They understand that business requires a dedicated setup for personalized product development with dedicated resources. However, a business can strategically plan a template and make the necessary changes only in it for each customization request. In this way, the business can charge more for personalized products and enjoy the profits.

Customer’s loyalty

Give customers what they want and how they want it. Fulfil their customization needs and they’re bound to stick with your brand. Loyal customers benefit in the long run significantly. Always agree with their personal preferences and they will have no reason to switch to your competitors.

Attract the Millenials

Win over the Millenials by offering product customization. They comprise of a huge portion of buying users. And as they are now coming of age, they are going to be consumers of goods and services for many years to come. However, personalizing goods and services for the millennial crowd takes more than just attaching a name to an email! To entice the millennial consumer, customization may be the key.


Be it the fashion industry or gifts, the trends are changing quicker than ever. As a business, you stock a type of products and the next thing you know is they are out of fashion. Instead, the smart thing to do is get the idea of what products customers want, their preferences, and then develop that product accordingly. In this way, the business can cut down the cost of product manufacturing and decrease the chances of incurring a loss. Product only what is in demand, what customers want, and you are good to go!

Make luxury items attractive

When a customer is paying a huge amount on a luxury item, he expects that every minute detail of the product is as per his preference. With product personalization, customer satisfaction can be achieved. Moreover, it makes that item look more attractive by including things like the color of choice, graphics, etc.

More Repeat Sales with Lower Return Rates

It is known that the items that consumers are a part of creating are less likely to be returned. They have customized the products in a way they want. So it is understood that they are satisfied with the end product most of the time. Managing returns and its cost can be escaped when product personalization is offered in E-commerce. Moreover, customers are more attached to personalized products.

A bigger share in the gift industry

People love giving gifts to their loved ones with a personal touch. And personalizing a product transforms the otherwise routine product into a thoughtful gift! As more and more purchases happen online, offering a product customization facility helps you own the gift product market!

Get customers’ insights

Pay attention to what your customers are customizing in your product! It will tell you what they are looking for and where you lack it. Analyze the customers’ preferences, their likings and use this data to offer products based on it. Get an additional edge over the competitors when it comes to choosing an item!

Ahead of competition

It is simply a fact that businesses that offer product customization facilities are preferred over those who not. Get competitive benefits when you allow customers to personalize the product. Take your business to the next level and stand out among the competition!

Stronger Online Presence

Offering a customized product compels the customers to make a purchase from your store over any routine store. As this process continues, you get a boost in Google rankings and become popular among the potential buyers. Due to this popularity, you can also dominate the social media platforms and leverage its benefit for generating revenue!

Streamlining the Order Process

Traditionally, product personalization is a time-consuming process. The cycle involves understanding customers’ requirements, collecting samples, and sending them back and forth to the manufacturing team. A time consuming and tiring process can be avoided when a feature to allow customers to configure a personalized product online and previewing it on spot is offered!

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