Nearby search

To help with on-demand assignment use cases, PineSucceed provides Nearby API. Nearby search locates app users, figures out which ones are nearest to the location of interest, and returns them as a sorted list with nearest first by drive ETA.

The POST request contains the following required parameters:

Location represents the location near which you want to find available app users. E.g. location of pickup, store, service, warehouse, etc.;

Radius indicates, in meters, a circular area within which nearby app users can be found. E.g. search within 3km;

Last updated within specifies, in hours, the time within which the latest location sent by devices needs to be considered. E.g. if this value is 24 then all devices which have sent their latest locations in last 24 hrs would be considered in response. If this parameter is unspecified, by default it will return devices with their last known locations recorded in the past hour;

Deep performs an asynchronous call, when set to true, and attempts to locate devices that have stopped tracking or are disconnected. This is done through quiet push notifications sent to devices to resume tracking;

Metadata filters nearby search results by app users with matching device metadata. E.g. skill, team, store, vehicle, category, etc. This is an optional parameter;

Devices is an optional list of device IDs to restrict nearby search results to only these devices. E.g. are app users in the vicinity of the request location.

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