Live shipment tracking with notifications

With PineSucceed’s retail delivery solution, you could manage and track all your logistics movement from a single dashboard.

This dashboard would give all the details about your drivers, deliveries, vehicles, orders, customers, routes, and many more.

Making the process more transparent, PineSucceed’s Ecommerce Delivery Software also provides live alerts and notifications to the customers about the delivery status of their package.

Advanced delivery route planning

PineSucceed’s on demand delivery app offers advanced delivery route planning. The routes are auto planned and optimized which significantly reduces the time and fuel cost along with fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

It allows you to deliver bulk orders with a less number of drivers and time.

Capacity optimization

PineSucceed’s retail delivery software optimizes the weight and volume capacity of each vehicle. This optimization ensures that the vehicle’s capacity is properly utilized.

This cut down on under-utilization of capacity also means a cut down in the number of drivers used to deliver the same deliveries, thus saving time, resources, and cost.

Customer engagement

PineSucceed’s on demand delivery app also enables your customers to contact the driver via chat and call. This facilitates a smoother and faster delivery along with reducing the possibilities of a missed deliveries. Most importantly, it enhances customer satisfaction.

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