Jan 21 :2022

Chatbot Assistant for your Business

Pinesucceed Technology Pvt. Ltd.

What is a Chatbot?

It is nothing but a Computer Program, designed to excite virtual conversation with human users, especially over the internet. A chatbot is short for Chat Robot, they are a species of Robots. It is like an application software used to conduct an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech.

According to a survey from Oracle, 80% of businesses will be using Chatbots by 2020, now it's 2022 and we can see many examples of Chatbot Assistant for businesses like- Amazon has “ALEXA”, Apple has “SIRI”, Microsoft has “CORTANA” and Google has “GOOGLE ASSISTANT”.

They are being used by many businesses around the world like in Hotels, Finance,  Food & Restaurants, Medical & Health, E-Learning, Beauty Salons, Fitness Industry, etc.

Different Chatbot Assistants have different abilities depending on the composure of their programming.

How does a Chatbot Positively Affect Your Business?

Every business is different with different customers, different business goals, different products, with different marketing strategies.

People also had the fear that Robots will take control over Humans, but they are not more than a helping hand or guide for Businesses as well as Personal life. As they are being used by 80% of the businesses. There are many benefits of using Virtual Robots-

1. Rise in Customer Service & Engagement

Their availability 24/7 will boost Customer Service. With them, you can sit back and relax after office hours because every customer will be able to interact with your business daily at any time. It is important because according to an Article on Econsultancy 83% of online shoppers require help to complete a purchase.

2. It Will Reduce Employee Costs

The businesses that use Virtual Assistant save 30-35% approx Customer Service Costs, because they are less expensive than their human fellow, and Unlike them, E-Robots don’t go home after work and you don't have to give them any salary or benefits.

3. Enlarge Assemblage

They are an intelligent method to grow your audience, it records the data of the user who contacts them on chat. They do it so cleverly meanwhile, that users don’t linger to provide them their contact details.

4. Eradicate Mistakes

Conversational Virtual Agent remembers what a human can’t. They don’t forget things they work on pre-written commands, hence they don’t commit mistakes.

5. Navigate the Customer Through the Funnel

They have the ability to convert the Customers into Buyers, by indicating the right product they want to buy. It stamps out product browsing that helps ease in their buying journey.

6. Individualize

Clever and Artificial intelligence Assistant remembers the product you previously asked for or searched for or added to your Wishlist's, they start the next chat with the same information so you don’t have to repeat all that again. This gives a personal touch and makes customers happy.

7. Query Handling Capacity

The number of requests or questions doesn’t matter whether it is 1 or 100 queries at a time. They will answer all the questions and queries neatly and fastly without any hesitation.

8. Versatile

Virtual Assistants are something that can be used in any kind of business. The sectors using Chatbots are Hotels,  Banking, Finance & Insurance, Restaurants, Medical & Health, E-Learning, Beauty Salons, Fitness Industry, etc.

9. Schedule or Arrange Appointments & Meetings

We can take the example of a Facebook Messenger bot because it is easy to schedule business meetings and appointments with your customers or clients. One can easily speak to an Assistant and tell the date, time, email, etc. For an appointment on Facebook Messenger.

Support, Lead Initiation, Concretion

Now this is something important to keep in mind while creating a Chatbot Assistant for your business, suppose you are doing your are doing a Google Search and you found a shopping website having your favorite product you were looking for so long, and now you found it on this website, but after surfing and surfing you still not get the pricing and details of the product.

Confusing Right?

That is a big drawback and for some people, it is a reason for EXIT. Because of this, we need an assistant for our business and websites.

It’ll take 0.5 seconds for a customer or visitor to form an opinion about your website, whether they will stay or leave.

Virtual Assistants play an important role in your business to turn any website visitor into leads, then into a customer, and then into brand ambassadors. 

Support Cases

  • Modernize Subscription
  • Assemble changes to orders
  • Pre-sales Report
  • Post-sales Report
  • Cancel orders
  • Conversate with visitors outside business hours
  • Guide visitors to the right speculator group
  • Create support tickets
  • Track packages
  • Respond payment queries
  • Respond frequent questions

Lead Initiation Cases 

  • Schedule Appointments & Reservations
  • Convert visitors into Sign-ups
  • Natural Leads
  • En route new visitors
  • Help in opening a website account

Appointment Cases

  • Promote content offers, blog posts
  • Collect Surveys and Feedbacks
  • Operate website registrations
  • Communicate offers


The baseline is this: Chatbots and Virtual Assistant can do almost everything a human being can do, they do it better, faster, and less expensively. The fare E-Robot will boost customer service and engagement, generate more genuine quality leads, and save your time and money.

If your website has an unusually high cart abandonment rate, you can use a chatbot to find out what’s causing important customers to abandon their carts. If a landing page gets a ton of web traffic but generates few leads, a chatbot might tell you that customers find your online form too long and cumbersome to complete. 

Obviously choosing the right automation for your business can be both complicated and confusing, that's where we can choose a Virtual or Chatbot for business to keep it easier. We can give you the guidance to choose the right Chatbot Assistant for your business by this you can achieve your desired principles and goals towards your business.

Thus, having a profitable and essential Virtual Assistant will give you all these plus points to move further with a lot more potential customers in your business because having genuine customers is the main goal of any business.