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The directory applications are currently simple to utilize and in case it is developed with advanced yet simple technological innovations, it can become a viral app as well. Our Directory mobility service model will help your start-up or enterprise to innovate quickly and deliver matchless services to customers across all industries. Finding and searching for something important related to your business is what the directory application is all about. To ensure the proper functionality of the application, the PineSucceed developer team caters to all your needs and requirements to develop the best directory application, be it for customers or the organization.

At PineSucceed Technologies, our skilled and experienced developer team executes the client’s idea of the project and then revises it to the directory application. Mobile directory applications can connect multiple people very easily and that’s why it is proven a much easier and effective way for your business. You can maintain the data of the entire customer with detailed information on a single platform. We provide end-to-end solutions to cater to specific needs that are secure, cost-effective, flexible, and extensible in architecture and have the latest coding standards that help your businesses to glow amongst others.

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Top Solutions for Directory & Organization Industry

At PineSucceed Technologies, we provide a variety of variations in developing your application. Various applications can be created as enterprise directory application arrangements. Here, we have listed a few of them. Maybe one of them can assist you to develop your own one with us!

Do you have a directory application thought and need to see it woken up? PineSucceed is always there to help you build your directory application. But before you begin making your application; how about we view what sort of directory applications you can work with us.

  • B2B Directory Apps

    Let businesses connect with each other by building a business-to-business (B2B) directory. Easy, fast, and cost-effective methods to build B2B directory apps with us. Develop and make your MVP a single platform or select a combination of some or all Android, iOS, and web.

  • B2C Directory Apps

    Let users find about your business with business to consumer (B2C) directory platform and get connected with features like user reviews. A B2C directory app helps the user find your businesses and services amongst thousands of others.

  • Directory of Professionals

    Would you like to build anything like Upwork or something different? Indeed, you can build a directory of professionals that allows users to connect with experts and hire their services. There are many professional directory platforms to get inspired by. Start discussing your app idea with us today!

  • Local Business Directory

    Let customers from your area based on your geographical location (detected from your device) or search queries find your business with local business directories. If your plan is something related to getting a local business discovery platform like Yelp or Foursquare, PineSucceed is here to help you.

With our years of experience in directory app development, we took directory applications to a whole new level with store finders, employee information finders, restaurant locators, an employee locator app, and a city guide. Besides all this; we cover local businesses, vehicles, jobs, properties, and whatnot for iOS, Android, web, and desktop.

  • Membership Directories

    Membership directories are not only for helping you find out the members, supporters, and associates but it also provides brief information about them.

  • Business Listing Management

    Get the detailed information of all the businesses available along with their name, address, contact number everything in a single place.

  • Employee Directory

    Reduce the level of stress of any business owner with an employee directory. Employee directory application helps you manage everything through it, so you don’t need to appoint any HR.

  • Restaurant Guides

    Want to search for the best restaurant in a particular area? Here, you can go. Search restaurants of your choice along with their menu and price with restaurant guides.

  • Location-based Directory Apps

    If you want to search for a particular location then location directory-based API will help you to find it within a few minutes.

  • Enterprise Directory Apps

    If you want to create an application that manages the information of an enterprise is also possible through the android directory application development.

Like other applications, your directory application is built utilizing different provisions that offer an experience that isn't available somewhere else. Make your application stand apart and work the way your application users need. How about we examine a part of the must-have features for your directory application.

  • Search bar

    A search bar is a default and one of the most recommended features in a directory application. We build a smart search feature bar that lets you find what you are looking for with proper search results.

  • Filters

    Filter your search results based on your preferences with this option. Various filters can be used like price, brand, reviews, location, color, or something else.

  • Easy Sign-in

    Your users can sign in to the app just by using their Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts. Let them sign in using an existing account on Gmail or any other social media platforms with just one tap.

  • Quick Contact

    Let your app users discover the contact detail of the businesses they are looking at, just by filling the quick inquiry form or checking the business profile page.

  • Chat

    App users can quickly chat with the service providers and it’s one of the most essential features of your directory application.

  • Seamless Checkout

    This is feature is required if you want to monetize your app traffic and not required if you are accepting payment on the behalf of businesses listed on your platform.

An application that allows businesses to provide various services depending on the user’s location by using geolocation technologies along with geographical details. It is predicted that by the year 2022, mobile devices will account for $1.4 trillion in location-based sales. This reason is enough you should create a directory app for your online directory listings.

Challenges in Online Directory App Development

A team of professional developers and designers with 5+ years of average experience with their skills overcome all the challenges.

Fail to record transaction

Most directory app start-ups work on a hyper-local model catering to people from certain pockets of the city and fail to record tractions from all parts of the country.

Escalating Operating Costs

It becomes very crucial to adapt to the market and keep the costs competitive with other players in the same business domains as every day there is a new start-up entering the market.

Mood-swings of the customer

Directory App new businesses once in a while neglect to adapt to the variances and mood swings of the clients. This adjustment of the client's conduct makes a fall in their development.

Require a lot of time

Services start-ups in the hyper-local space require a lot of time to settle in. Thus, time acts as a roadblock for some start-ups to flourish in a full-fledged manner.

How PineSucceed delivers business value?

PineSucceed aims at utilizing the potential opportunities of a long list of running businesses in the market and displaying it online in the most amazing views, rendering a fluid experience to the prospective buyers. Our services are framed with the purpose to cater to global audiences through cutting-edge technologies used in developing a mobile or web solution that offers convenience to view, choose and buy from any device they own.x

Mobile and web directory solutions

Holistic Approach

PineSucceed helps companies build compelling mobile and web application solutions to have a platform that delivers great business results. We embrace a comprehensive methodology of business value creation and carry out the latest technology at each stage directly from product building to delivery.

State of the art directory solutions

State-of-the-art Solutions

Our team is highly skilled in designing the top-class user interface and advise the business owners with right skills for selling their product & services. A user-designed user interface makes it easy for a visitor to sort through your online products and become your valued customers.

Directory apps with latest technology

Cutting-edge Technology

We have entered the field of creating apps with advanced views using AR, VR, and 3D technology. Analyze and make decisions to enhance your business efficiency with our complex data analytics and reporting. From a start-up to a well-established enterprise, you will have all the required expertise and tools for smashing success in your business.

Customized directory solutions

Customized Solutions

Our developers focus on certain requirements as we understand that every business works on a different level. We offer a solution with assurance to cover every aspect of the business that can boost ROI and develop customized solutions.

Swift delivery of directory apps

Swift Delivery

We try to do the market research and comprehend the competitors too for fast and quick delivery. Our directory applications are very much well-tailored according to the customer's demands. For this, we ensure that quality testing is performed to excel in the application in the market.

Why choose PineSucceed For Directory App Development
  • Consumer-focused and process-driven approach.
    Consumer focused directory app development
  • Always sticks with the deadlines and delivers work as promised
    Directory proejct
  • Proficient in delivering advanced directory app solutions.
    Advanced directory app development
  • Easy Integration with abundant resources.
    Easy integration in directory apps
  • Highly secure consumer data management.
    Secure data management
  • Reserved with the strongest workforce and infuses the high-quality performance standards.
    High quality working standards
  • Adopts agile methodology for mobile apps and other empowered services.
    Agile methodology for app development
  • Sticks with the perfect technical paradigms and is capable of shaping the complex ventures in a much easy way.
    Perfect ways to shape complex ventures
Frequently Asked Question FAQ

To make things clear, we at PineSucceed, decided to make a shortlist of the most popular FAQs by our clients for Directory & Organization Industry.

PineSucceed offers multiple services such as Directory Development Solutions, Directory Application Solutions, and Directory App for Android & iOS, Location-based Directory Apps, and many other services.

There are many challenges faced by developers as a team in this industry and the major one is the rising competition. Along with that there are challenges like escalating operating costs, mood swings of the customers, time management, and many more.

PineSucceed is home to a pool of diverse professionals who are seasoned experts in the Directory & Organization industry. We meet specific demands and requirements with our client-centric approach. We facilitate digital transformation for our clients by going the extra mile.

As we already mentioned that the overall cost of directory app development is based upon the app type you want. Complexity, locations, features, and so on are some other factors that also affect the price of the app. Based on these factors, the general cost of directory app development solutions will be $10,000 to $30,000.

At PineSucceed Technologies, we abide by confidentiality and all other compliance rules during and post to our service. You are completely secured against any kind of data breach as our client is our priority.

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