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A Point of Sale is the place where customers make a payment for the products and services they have opted for. POS is the major component for the business like sales, inventory, and customer management. POS can be at an actual store as terminals to process with card payments or virtual points like PC or mobile devices. POS has quickly evolved from basic sales registers to complex and modern hubs that manage sales, customer experience, limited-time offers, and other functional processes. In the digital era of mobile technology entire stores are changed over into POS through the use of mobiles and tablets thus making a good customer satisfaction and driving the business development at the same time.

It's time to give farewell to the traditional management practices that take most of the valuable time to do data entry and gathering inputs from different modules. PineSucceed Technology is an experienced POS development company that helps you integrate data derived from different subdivisions into a single POS system that handles everything efficiently. Businesses of every scale and size are vastly benefitting from POS software. To deliver a peaceful experience for our clients, we give customized cloud-based POS application development services. Our Point of sale application is widely known for saving a lot of time by updating and maintaining business records in a well systematic manner. Whether it is a restaurant or hotel, we provide incomparable and incredible POS application development services including different payment methods.

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Empower Your Business With POS Software Development Solutions

We understand your development needs and thus bring you the service which nurtures your enterprise technology needs. At PineSucceed Technologies we have engineered services that are highly acknowledged and relevant to modern technical requirements that make you stand out in your business regime. Our POS system development services cover the requirements of any sort of business, large or small

Our POS development validates security and customer engagement with built-in analytic dashboard development of web-based terminal interfaces to capture and settle messages, plus telephone Card Not Present (CNP) payments with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) modulesExceptionally instinctive feature-rich POS development that carries agility to a payment system, well-integrated with 3rd party devices offering high-end customer experience and functionality. Our built POS is feature-rich that can be easily integrated with 3rd party devices to offer advanced functionality and customer experience. The key feature that we provide is an in-built analytics dashboard to track and monitor all the key performance indicators right in one place.

  • On-premises POS
  • Cloud POS
  • Mobile POS
  • Self-service Kiosks
Oracle SQL Oracle SQL
Dot Net Dot Net
JavaScript JavaScript
AngularJS AngularJS
React Native React Native

Our customized POS software terminals ensure that you can accept payments by most of the methods like cash, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, SecurePay, Amazon Pay, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty, and gift cards. Our team of POS Developers builds Custom POS Software terminals that see into the processing of cash drawer, EBT, Cheques, mobile payments, and much more. Customer can review their order, tip their service professional, sign for their purchase, and identify how they wish to receive a receipt from the Terminal.

  • Users can select items and view prices from inventory
  • Redeem gift cards or coupons via online payment
  • Track & use any debit or credit payment terminal
  • Convenient to generate invoices from orders

Incorporation of POS with inventory management systems for automating inventory counts and stock transfer solutions in real-time. Managing the stock and inventory can be quite stressful but our POS system developers can create a customized solution that can help you in easy management of your inventory and stock. We deliver an inventory management module with the POS to check the stock levels in real-time, get low stock alerts; we likewise guarantee that the framework is well integrated and synchronized with Barcode and QR scanners and RFIDs. One thing we understand with our experience that how critical up-to-date stock level data to our clients. Inefficiencies such as human errors are reduced by constant monitoring of inventory levels. Restaurants can check various things like actual food cost versus planned food cost, identifying issues such as production cost overruns and quality issues quicker. Our customizable inventory management software allows you to enter and access business information how and when you want.

  • Shows list of products with their available stocks
  • Products can easily be added to customer’s billing
  • Stock adjustments
  • Stock status updates
  • Channel specific stocking

Programming of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) for data mining, predictive analytics, decision support, and KPI tracking, in addition to real-time reporting dashboards with customized solutions, to help you with understanding your information more quickly. You can track and monitor all the important stats of your business right in one place thanks to our data mining, predictive analytics. with the help of our latest and innovative data analytics techniques, you can get deep insights into your business to maximize profits and a large customer base. Our SOA development is world-class that provides high business benefits likewise we give sales reporting so that you can easily manage your store's sales and can also find the best-selling product of your stores.

  • Shows analytics of customer’s day to day order billing
  • Complete statistical report of billing for the day, month, and all time
  • View reports of all other branches           
  • Streamlined Analytics with new Analytics Core

An insurance POS is a platform or place where a customer performs the payments of various insurance products and services, and where sales taxes may become payable. Insurance point-of-sale (POS) software and systems are used to process card payments or a virtual sales point. PineSucceed's POSs are always in the spotlight for marketers since consumers tend to force heavy purchasing judgments on high-margin products or services at these strategic locations. POS makes the documentation work very easy by uploading all the documents online. User-friendly features to maintain the status of all the insurance requests processed by them. With the use of integrated technology to track customer data, PineSucceed Technologies insurance POS software grasps disparity in pricing or cash flow that could lead to interrupt sales or profit loss. Our insurance POS systems are built in a way that it keeps an eye on record and buying trends which can assist organizations in avoiding customer service issues.

  • Instant Quote Generation
  • Comprehensive Dashboards
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Intuitive and Dynamic User Experiences

PineSucceed provides an all-in-one retail management system to manage your whole enterprise stress-free from your head office. Develop your business with well-informed business decisions and strengthen your customer base by centrally manage customized promotions and campaigns. Ecommerce and retail are merging rapidly so are needed for your business. We are the top custom POS Software development company understand how POS is not just some point where customers pay but it is an integrated network of the system developed to give away solutions such as information on Sales data, inventory management, Customer Relationship, employee management, loyalty programs and much more.

  • Retail Software Development
  • POS Systems & Billing
  • Commercial Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Integrating POS software with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce allows you to improve your customer management processes. We built CRM software so that you can get to know everything about your customer CRM system to track and monitor the customer information to help with building a solid relationship with the consumers to make them permanent and help in repeat purchases. PineSucceed technologies provide custom and platform-based CRM system development, thus delivering you a wealth of benefits like enhanced customers service and better communication, automated reports, optimized sales, systematized data, automation of routine tasks, personalized dashboards to quickly locate and visualize necessary information.

  • CRM system development
  • CRM implementation and integration
  • CRM software customization
  • Custom CRM system
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We develop custom restaurant and bar POS systems, and integrate third-party POS systems from Toast POS, TouchBistro, and Lightspeed. Tailor-made solutions for exclusive Food business needs are rendered here. We develop customized bar and restaurant POS Systems that make your table management, reservations, waitlists, order management, and integrated app solutions for your businesses seamless and much easier than before. Some additional features to go with us are restaurant marketing, online ordering, customer management, loyalty program, server sales performance, new versus repeat customers, invoice purchasing, menu performance, employee management, and sales reporting.

  • Fast and effective table-side service
  • Wirelessly connect kitchen and floor staff
  • In-depth sales reports
  • Central control for multiple locations
C++ C++
Java Java
php php
mongoDB mongoDB
nodeJS nodeJS
AngularJS AngularJS
Swift Swift
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POS Development Solutions Across Industries:

We have created POS solutions for various business types, a few of the industries are listed here:

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POS software development is one of the demanding after services in the new time. At, PineSucceed technologies we have used methods that streamline the design, structure, and POS software development, which are tailor-made according to your business. PineSucceed has the expertise and resources required to design, develop and manage the highly available and highly secure technology platform that you need, giving you the time and confidence to focus on running your business. We know that consistent integration of data is needed to call a POS terminal system complete. It’s not only monitoring your daily sales activity but also includes inventory tracking capabilities, sales reports, customer management, managing customer loyalty programs. Moreover, our POS software developers are always prepared to take challenges and ready to build software from scratch which can ease your business process.

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POS Development FAQs

If you have any doubts regarding POS software development, here are a few sets of questions that can help clear them:

If you are looking for business automation then hiring a POS software development company can be a great choice. It not only brings accuracy but also efficiency in what you do by eliminating the need for a human to manage small tasks like inventory management, and billing. You must opt for proficient POS development services if you are struggling with managing your employees to managing your accounts as POS software really helps you in simplifying everything.

A point of sale where the customers execute the payment for the good or service. It plays an important role in all businesses as this can occur online or in person. Important features to look for in the POS system: • Billing and order processing • Sales monitoring and reporting • Inventory and stock management • Cross channel returns management • Customer relationship and experience • Employee management • Loyalty programs and gift cards

The cost of the POS software development may differ for the different features or development time. The price for the software falls something between $90 to $170 per month for the software. Alongside this monthly software cost, there is a hardware cost that is one time fixed cost that starts from $849.

Indeed! PineSucceed being the top POS development company understands the need to develop robust and scalable solutions so that they can be compatible with your growing needs. As per your business requirements, our POS developers use the best tools and technologies and try to implement all the latest features. You did not require to get a new solution developed when you plan to expand your business.

Yes, you can hire a POS developer from PineSucceed Technologies, if you are in need of custom POS software development. Our team of experienced developers will create a fully customized solution based on the business requirements that can help you in taking our business ahead.

Yes, we are always available for you to help after delivering what you need. We do offer support and management services as and when required, and our POS software solutions are highly secure and reliable.

Customers love to shop from a place where the process is streamlined and automated that’s why Point of Sale solutions are not only beneficial for businesses. POS software improves overall customer experience as it leads to hassle-free checkout and customers need not wait in those long queues to get their billing done manually.

In short, yes! Hire POS developers from PineSucceed to get an accounting software developer. Manage all the records for sales and customer billing effectively and this software also helps you in bookkeeping.

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