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Just like any other industry, the event, and ticketing sector can leverage the benefits offered by custom app development. We at PineSucceed have helped several event management and ticketing businesses by developing quality mobile applications for them. Our mobile applications are highly sophisticated and feature-rich. With our event and ticketing mobile applications, you can provide a rich experience to your users. 

There are several science-backed studies saying that those events which feature custom apps for the attendees have a significantly rich attendee engagement and retention. Apps can be a highly crucial tool to provide a better experience to the users. With the help of mobile applications, such businesses can establish a distinguishing name for themselves.

PineSucceed has a rich portfolio featuring some of the biggest names in the event and ticketing industry. We have helped startups as well in competing with the bigger fishes in this highly competitive sector. 

Our Events and Ticketing Development Services

The services featured here are carefully developed and selected by our developers over the years. Our developers faced constant demand for the development of quality event and ticketing mobile apps. After successfully completing such projects we have established a reliable name for ourselves in the app development industry.


Events and tickets are getting more digital with every passing day. PineSucceed understands this shift and this is why we try our best in developing the most versatile and technologically rich event and ticket resources. We have had clients from all kinds of industries and sectors. We have greatly enriched our portfolio by assisting the following industries in the sector of event and ticket development.

If you are searching for a mobile app that is capable of managing your event tickets, providing necessary information and assistance to the attendees, etc then you have certainly come to the right place. Our event and ticketing app developers have developed countless applications for this purpose only. You can share your ideas and get the best assistance possible at PineSucceed.

We have developed several e-ticketing portals capable of managing high traffic during peak hours. With our e-ticketing portals, you can assist your customers seamlessly. Our web portals can reduce the monotonous work related to ticket distribution. We will integrate the most reliable payment gateways, according to your choice so that the revenue can go directly and safely into your account.

In the event management sector, there is a constant need of making new registrations for new people. When done physically this can be a very monotonous task consuming a lot of time. With our highly seamless online registration system, you can forget about such hassle and leave such tasks to the tools developed by our developers.

PineSucceed has all the necessary experience of developing feature-rich, reliable, and robust POS software capable of handling all the transactions in the event management industry. Our POS software can handle any configuration of the POS hardware you want to integrate into it making it extremely versatile.

In the case of an event, the tools developed by us can come in extremely handy. We have developed several online event ticketing systems capable of handling all sorts of responsibilities. Our event ticketing solutions are even better than a human, as there is no instance of mistakes or human errors. You can reuse our systems and calibrate them according to the need in case a new event happens. Come and share your ideas with us now!

These days more and more event management companies are investing in custom event management and ticketing mobile app development. We can help you in developing such event apps. Our apps are highly reliable and feature-rich. We can develop such applications for any platform you want like Android, iOS, and Windows. The event apps developed at PIneSucceed can prove to be the only push your business needs.

There are countless responsibilities that should be taken care of during an event. A highly customized event management software can help you in managing such responsibilities seamlessly. We can develop such event management software with which you can easily take care of mundane tasks like attendee management, food management, ticket management, distribution, etc.


Events and tickets are getting more digital with every passing day. PineSucceed understands this shift and this is why we try our best in developing the most versatile and technologically rich event and ticket resources. We have had clients from all kinds of industries and sectors. We have greatly enriched our portfolio by assisting the following industries in the sector of event and ticket development.

Benefits Of Our Events and Ticketing App

The development of a custom event and ticketing app can prove to be highly beneficial to your business. Let's look at some of the crucial benefits of investing in an event and ticketing app.


Hype Creation-

With the help of a highly sophisticated mobile application, solely dedicated to the business of event and ticketing only, one can easily create hype before an upcoming event. As a mobile application can provide a constant audience base, advertising for an upcoming event becomes easy. On an app, one can easily initiate event-related discussions, and coupons can be distributed easily.

Process Simplification-

Any mobile app is capable of simplifying complex procedures. In event management businesses there are several procedures that increase the complexity of the event. Processes like registration of attendees, distribution of coupons, discounts, and tickets, distribution of sitting places, etc. A carefully created event and ticketing mobile app are capable of fulfilling these tasks seamlessly.

Planning Becomes Easy-

Planning an event is always a highly demanding task. We can develop highly sophisticated mobile applications packed with all kinds of features custom developed to make planning easier. With our tools, you can easily access and contact your resources, make a to-do list of the important tasks, get real-time info about the tickets, etc.

Real-Time Feedback-

The event and ticketing app is a very powerful tool for the collection of real-time data. This data can be used to develop future strategies thereby increasing revenue opportunities as an event management business. Event and ticketing mobile apps can also provide a platform to your attendees for providing useful feedback.

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We offer Events and Ticketing App Development Solutions on the Latest Technologies

There are several revolutionizing technologies that we employ in our projects to make sure that the end-users get a very great experience. Some of such technologies are discussed below:


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can help your event management business in increasing user engagement and satisfaction. With the help of Augmented reality and Virtual reality or AR and VR, you can create highly interactive resources related to your events. Your users can get a taste of your past and future events. Such resources can help you in creating a distinguishable name for yourself.


Cloud technology is quite astonishing on its own. You can provide better accessibility to your users and hence make them more satisfied. Our highly experienced developers at PineSucceed can suggest ways by which you can implement cloud technology in your existing event and ticketing mobile app. You can also explore our highly sophisticated event and ticketing mobile app prototypes and get a feel of how we will integrate cloud capabilities into your app.


Blockchain is changing industries around the globe. All the major industries are searching for ways by which they can implement blockchain in their existing processes and operations. At PineSucceed we have several carefully developed strategies for making ticketing and payment highly secure with the help of blockchain. We can also help you in profiling your attendees with the help of blockchain technology.

Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial Intelligence is taking the place of human labor for completing mundane tasks. At PineSucceed we have highly experienced developers who have worked with AI for several years. We can develop AI-backed tools to make the user experience more rich and satisfactory.

Events and Ticketing App and Software Development Solutions

PineSucceed offers numerous solutions to its clients searching for quality events and ticketing app and software development solutions. Some of these are discussed below:

Content Management Solutions-

PineSucceed can help you in developing mobile content management solutions. These solutions will help you in accessing and managing all the digital content from a single platform.

Scheduling And Bookmarking Solutions-

With these solutions, we can provide your users the ability to make schedules and bookmark them for different events they are planning to attend. They can also view the entire timetable through the mobile app.

Employee Management Solutions-

With the help of the events and ticketing mobile app developed by us you can manage your employees as well. Assign them diverse duties and check whether the duties are fulfilled or not. You can also control the permissions each individual has while using your resources.

Maintenance Solutions-

PineSucceed also offers 24x7 support and maintenance solutions to its clients. We provide comprehensive coverage of all the post-deployment technical issues. Just hire us for maintenance services and forget all the hassle.

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Why PineSucceed for Events and Ticketing App Development?

PineSucceed has always been the symbol of trust for several clients by fulfilling their event and ticketing app development needs in the best ways possible. We are the best in this industry because of several reasons.


PineSucceed has the richest experience base among several other competitors. Our whole team has years of quality experience in developing some of the most reliable digital resources. We have successfully developed softwares, applications, web portals, websites, etc.

Work ethic-

Whenever a developer joins our team at PineSucceed, the first things that he experiences are a hardworking attitude and a serious work ethic. Our whole team works really hard to produce the best products meeting all the deadlines.


PineSucceed has always been the flag bearer of innovation. We try our best to innovate existing working procedures and introduce better ways to develop the resources. Our products are always more reliable because of the innovation.


PineSucceed as an events and ticketing app development company is known for its cost-effectiveness. We try our best to deliver the resources within a certain cost range. Our price model is pocket-friendly l without compromising the quality of services we offer.

Frequently Asked Question FAQ

Any event and ticket booking app must have the following features to make it more productive and functional: Event posting solutions, location and venue details, in-built map, In-app purchases and buying options, ticket downloading options, Seat booking, ratings, reviews, and feedback.

We develop an event application by understanding the needs of our clients. Then we select the right app development course, create a blueprint with our developers about the functionalities and features that best suits the needs of our clients, then we select the best tech stack, and create the body of the application and several prototypes.

Yes we can develop event applications that can run on both iOS and Android mobiles. It's normal for us to develop hybrid events and ticket booking mobile apps.

Yes we integrate all the popular payment gateways to suit mass payment opportunities. We also offer reliable partial payment possibilities and discount coupons.

It is not possible to tell the exact costs of developing an Event Management App as it depends upon several different factors - The elements and features of the app picked innovation and technology stack, and the nature and extent of the app. Being the best app development company we are also cost-effective.

PineSucceed is known to respect all the deadlines put forward by the client. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to develop an app but sometimes it takes a few months.

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