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In a constantly demanding world, the audience always needs new ways to do their tasks. The good news is - we have been working for your customer's demands for more than a decade now. We develop the advanced yet friendly event and ticketing software and applications for the web, smartphones, tablets, kiosks, etc. with modern and futuristic technologies. We leverage technologies like AR/VE, IoT, Cloud computing, and many more to reshape and automate the entire ticket booking industry.

At PineSucceed Technologies, we always aim for the innovative approach to provide our clients with the most efficient and feature-rich solutions and digital products. Our team understands that every business is unique in its own way. As a result, we provide fully customized event & ticketing development solutions like web and mobile applications, websites, portals, marketing tools, business intelligent integration, analytics tools, and so many other solutions to ensure business growth and deliver best-in-class customer support and experience.

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Years Experience

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Happy Clients

IT Solutions for Event & Ticketing Industry

At PineSucceed Technologies we render to your enterprise’s industry-specific needs with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, we have endless solutions to your everyday business needs.

At PineSucceed Technologies, we develop a customized ticket management system for a business to streamline ticket generation, validation, check-in & check-out, ticket scanning, fraud detection, and many more operations for automated ticket management with flexible distribution channel management as well. Impart the right sense of reputation to your business identity with our top-notch IT solutions.

  • Multi-channel Accessibility

    Agents can stay organized and reply faster as a ticketing system collects support tickets from different channels and organizes them in a single interface.

  • Multilingual

    A multilingual platform so that every user can read and understand without any problems. It is built with more than 6 languages, keeping in mind the ease of every user.

  • Ticket assignment

    With the right software, you don't have to spend time on manual ticket assignments anymore. Send the tickets to the right department and agent automatically with setting up the assignment rules.

  • Personalized ticket pages

    Ticket pages with each and every detail for customers to give them a personalized experience.

  • Intuitive ticket view

    Our goal is to make good support ticket software is to make customer support easier for you and your team. PineSucceed's easy setup process and intuitive ticket view highlight all the right details to keep things simple and manageable.

  • Work Modes

    Sort tickets easily with a mouse click when you use ticketing software. PineSucceed makes it easy to use filters like urgency, priority, type of customer, or ticket status.

PineSucceed empowers you to use the advantages of innovation in the occasions and ticketing industry. We make web, portable, and programming answers for the event and ticketing industry to make it simpler for you to sort out your occasions and for your members to book tickets on the web.

  • Present Seat availability

    Easy and user-friendly interface to showcase the details of seat availability to users. Seat availability details like the seat number, price, and area.

  • An easy registration process

    A simplified ticketing process with an easy registration process. The registration process is very important for event conversions and we believe in building the registration process as easily as we can.

  • Multiple languages and currency options

    Diversity is very important in event registration to reach the widest audience possible. Our developers embed the option of language settings on your online ticketing website and several currency options to capture maximum registrants not only locally, but on a larger scale.

  • Data ownership

    Take care of your attendees’ contact data. You can be cursed by the event industry for sharing your contact database with any third party! Our platform provides 2-step verification and log-in tracking to ensure top protection.

  • Reserved seating

    If you will offer a seat to your guests at the event, give them the right to choose where their chairs should be located. Your attendees will get a chance to leverage their experiences at the event, by enabling the event reservation program.

  • In-built marketing tools

    The instruments for ticketing management and promotion, which could facilitate the functioning of the platform with the tools for automation, do a great favor for you.

We make it easy for event planners to register their attendees for events. Instead of standing in long lines, attendees can register online and avoid the line by sending a confirmation text. And because we take care of all the registration, event planners can focus on what's important - running their events.

  • Convenience

    Our team of skilled developers builds a registration system that is very easy and convenient for you and your users to use and operate.

  • A smarter way to register

    Our event registration system helps you increase response rates without the headaches associated with spreadsheets and paper forms. Manage invitees, registrants, and even multiple events.

  • Collect data

    PineSucceed’s software solution lets your attendees enter their own information that you can oversee and extract.

  • Multi-track events

    Build a dynamic, multi-track, multi-session online event registration process.

  • Immediate Confirmation

    Get instant confirmation for your registration with easy payment options and every detail mentioned.

  • Secure

    Online registration system by PineSucceed is very secure to use as it protects the data and has many payment options.

With the help of our robust and sustainable 3rd party integration, we provide Point-of-Sale software solutions to businesses that streamline their Point-of-Sale operations. Our ticketing POS software offers tickets availability check, check-in & check-out, ticket booking, cancellation, and centralized CRM integration to encourage automation.

  • Billing and Order Processing

    We have experts who can create a robust solution for generating an invoice for every purchase and this is one of the main reasons why businesses opt for POS software by PineSucceed.

  • Sales Monitoring and reporting

    Easily manage your ticket sales with our sales reporting and data analysts POS development services.

  • Inventory and Stock Management

    Our POS software developers can create a customized solution that can help you in easy management of your inventory and stock as managing the inventory can be quite cumbersome.

  • Cross Channel Returns Management

    Our POS developers are highly experienced while integrating third-party APIs like e-wallets, PayPal, and other payment methods to ensure secure payment transfer. 

  • Employee Management

    At PineSucceed Technologies, we offer a customized POS development solution that can not only handle sales and reporting but is also good when it comes to effectively managing your employees and staff.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Being a POS software development company we know that most businesses look for CRM software and that is the reason we offer customized CRM so that you can get to know everything about your customer.

PineSucceed provides advanced CRM Solutions that make you a pioneer in the industry, now take your customer relation to next level. CRM is one of the most important things and we offer customized CRM so that you can get to know everything about your customer.

PineSucceed has developed an event ticketing system to streamline the process of handling ticket sales. The centralised database is easy to use and contact tracking is ensured, which means that long queues at the ticket office are avoided.

  • Ticket Presentation

    Whether its images, videos from artists, or images of the location – you can grant users access to a virtually unlimited amount of media.

  • Ticket management

    Management and definition of different ticket categories, seat class, individual seat selection and assignment at the event location.

  • Pricing

    Management and organization of standard and reduced prices, different types of pricing depending on seat class.

  • Client management

    Client information needs to be systematically managed and client relationships must be regularly cultivated. You can take care of this by (optionally) taking advantage of the PASS CRM System.

  • Invoicing

    As soon as a client has put in a ticket for an order in the shop, an invoice will be automatically generated. Moreover, you can use the interface to integrate your current financial accounting module.

  • Accounts receivable

    Creating and managing outstanding payments and credits.

PineSucceed provides different types of event app development services that are beneficial for enterprises to restructure their operations. Our world-class solutions with proper support are the reason why our clients believe in us.

  • Trade Conferences

    Keep the invitees busy by displaying all the services as we provide mobile app development services for conferences and business events held for increasing invitees.

  • Business Events

    Handle the excessive crowds, keeping the brand image clean, and hold the entire event easily with mobile event app development services.

  • Customized Event Management App

    PineSucceed is one the top event app development company that has a team of event app designers, developers, and QA who provide customized event management apps according to client’s requirements.

  • Conferences

    Real-time update of the conference via our offered services prevents your visitors from roaming around to different conference halls in search of their specific conference.

  • Entertainment & Sports

    Manage the crowd, audience engagement, invitation procedure, and many other things with our mobile app development solutions for varied sectors.

  • Event App Maintenance

    PineSucceed offers flexible customer services to make the app work smooth and our company provides post-launch maintenance and support due to the need of updating the app.

We make custom event planning solutions with event registration tools that coordinate with venue and budget tracking, hotel applications, staff management systems, and that's just the beginning.

  • Virtual Events

    Organizations can connect with audiences through virtual environments with our fully integrated, feature-rich, and mobile-responsive virtual event platforms.

  • Hybrid Events

    Our team at PineSucceed technologies customize event planning software to incorporate hybrid event management capabilities for audience supplementation and small audience hosting.

  • In-Person Events

    Facilitate all aspects of the event planning & execution process with our in-depth, comprehensive event planning, registration, and management solutions.

Challenges in Challenges in Event & Tickets Industry

Just like every other industry event &ticketing industry to have a number of challenges in its bag. By closely inspecting them not only you can prevent the fall of your business, but also you can be a leader in the industry. Here is a close analysis of challenges for the event & tickets industry in the app/ website market.

Wearable Technology

With the rise of wearable technology, the online event ticket sales industry has seen some significant changes. With many customers interested in having their event tickets scanned from a smartwatch, it can be challenging for online ticket sellers to adapt their digital platforms for easy use. The most common customer is interested in having their event ticket scanned from their smartwatch, so online event ticket sellers have to plan when they have the code on their wearable.

Better Data Collection

With mobile ticket booking, there is a lot of data that's generated, and with each transaction, the service providers get to know consumer-based information including age, interests, purchase histories, and place and manner of tickets purchases. It is a challenge for most providers to manage this data and personalize each ticket booking.

Payment Risks and Cancellations

£1.2 million was lost from June to December of 2015 to ticket fraud, with nearly 3.000 cases reported to Action Fraud between May and October. This is a challenge for many merchants, as convincing people to buy tickets in person can be difficult when they're used to booking online for convenience and comfort.

Customer Loyalty

The best way to convert first-time customers into loyal customers is to have a well-implemented strategy with an edge. People will quickly switch to different websites and apps if they find smoother transactions, more authenticity, and better discounts and coupons. Mobile ticketing merchants are a way of engaging consumers in the future.

How PineSucceed delivers business value? Our Features

Since 2008, PineSucceed has developed a unique understanding of the event ticketing solutions that clients need. When you work with us, our domain expertise gets you up to speed quickly and our product roadmaps get to market faster. Clients rely on us for everything from updating technology to ease maintenance, improving your UI/UX, and adding killer features that will help you stand out.

Event ticketing solutions

Our Features

Since 2008, PineSucceed has developed a unique understanding of the event ticketing solutions that clients need. When you work with us, our domain expertise gets you up to speed quickly and our product roadmaps get to market faster. Clients rely on us for everything from updating technology to ease maintenance, improving your UI/UX, and adding killer features that will help you stand out.

e-ticket booking web and mobile applications

Dynamic Functionality

We can help you deliver dynamic e-ticket booking web and mobile applications to your customers as each of our applications contains dynamic functionalities. From simple, one-time events to complex international events, we have delivered on each project.

Event ticketing


Does your event need a ticketing solution? We make sure you have smooth access to your virtual tickets and provide a convenient booking system for our visitors. We're a company that specializes in event ticketing. We make sure to provide the best user experience possible by bringing the convenience of virtual tickets to the visitors, as well as a convenient sharing option so they can share their event with their friends or family.

Deisgn of ticketing app

Eye-catching Design

Our creative team has an eye for detail and design, and this is never more important than in the creation of your e-ticket booking website or application. We are experts in designing attractive interfaces that enable your audience to enjoy the online process of booking tickets with ease. Our team of experienced designers has vast experience in crafting trendy designs for your e-ticket booking websites and applications.

Flexible guest management

Flexible Guest Management

We can prioritize visitor engagement and offer maximum comfort to the attendees of the event, with this feature of our ticket booking software. We also maximize their participation in an upcoming event and give managers the ability to take care of their guests. It also lets organizers manage their guest list and keep track of the event visitors.

Ticketing payment integration

Easy Payment Integration

Our ticketing system is designed to be secure and reliable, with multiple payment gateways to make the transaction process easy for you. We're committed to ethical practices and providing the best experience for event attendees and visitors.

Why choose PineSucceed For Event & Ticketing Solutions
  • Consumer-focused and process-driven approach.
  • Always sticks with the deadlines and delivers work as promised
  • Proficient in delivering advanced directory app solutions.
  • Reasonable development cost
  • Business up-gradation
  • Highly secure consumer data management.
  • Power pact with the strongest workforce and applies the high-quality performance standards.
  • Sticks with the perfect technical model and is capable of shaping the compound tasks in a much easy way.
Frequently Asked Question FAQ

To take the confusion out of our minds, we decided to make a list of the most popular FAQs by our clients for this industry.

PineSucceed provides event app solutions integrated with various features such as venue details, in-app purchases, event listings, contact options, download ticket options, map, sear booking option, ratings & reviews, and contact option.

Market research and analysis is the first and foremost step taken by our skilled event app developers. After the research part, the development of innovative mobile app solutions with the help of the latest tools and technologies takes place. PineSucceed is known for prioritizing the client's requirements while developing the solutions and deliver them without any error.

Along with the event management app development, we provide various IT solutions such as lead conversion web and mobile app, online branding IT solutions, IT solutions for trading, e-commerce solutions, and many others.

The time of development totally depends on the complexity, functionality, and requirements of the event management website but we take around 4-6 months for website development.

PineSucceed's ticking booking apps can cost around the range of $20k to $70k for app development. The design and features of the app are the factors to vary the price. This price range even includes all the maintenance charges for mobile apps and also the charge from design to development.

Several steps are needed to be followed for creating ticket booking software: • Proper initial research is required. • An original requirement should be set. • Minimal viable product (MVP) • Work on the user's feedbacks • Marketing will play a key role.

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