Aug 172021
Top Web Development Trends To Look For In 2021
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With the constant changes in the world of website development, some businesses find it difficult to survive in the era of digitalization. In order for businesses to remain competitive, they must keep up with web development trends. You need a powerful web product to position yourself effectively in this highly competitive market.

Top Web Development Trends to Look For in 2021

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

After the introduction of Google AMP, some Google apps are trying to bring more power to your site. This is because PWA is a new way to experience mobile-centric websites. I say apps because; PWA can be used across browsers and devices, and will even work on IOS. With the help of AMP, mobile users will be able to access your website through an app and it will load faster, without the need for a loading page. This is a pretty smart move because, if your website is slow, users are more likely to leave. The move to the Progressive Web Apps will be quick and seamless for the users, and they can trust it. As per the people’s choice, they would expect the same from your website. Flipboard-Like Flipboard Integration Every website needs a way to stay connected with the audience.

Server less Functions

The rise of Function-as-a-Service platforms has changed the way we think about server-side functionality. We can now use functions to build a business model, and one day, we may even be able to build functions to help us develop new products and features. Today, there are thousands of serverless functions being built on top of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other companies. Serverless is also referred to as Function-as-a-Service. Google announced its Cloud Functions SDK at the Google I/O conference in 2016. The developer community and business people welcomed it with open arms, which has also helped push serverless to the next level. Serverless functionality can be used as the foundation of any app and web development environment.

Intelligent Personalization

SEO works very well to bring more visitors to your website. But, most visitors are bored with it as soon as they are on your site. A more intelligent personalization tool can introduce content from social media, blogs, and analytics. If you use Google Analytics as your analytics, use Smart Social, to make it even smarter. Using Google Analytics is good, but it is not smart. Integrate Content and Commerce The way we sell on a website has changed drastically in the past few years. We no longer rely on sales pages to sell our products. However, you still need a place for them. If you want people to buy from you, but don't want to force them to buy, it is best to integrate your website with the right shopping cart tools. It will make it easy for people to buy from you. It is a part of web development trends which is more used in the present and many more years to come.  

Voice User Interface (VUI)

If you aren’t already on the web, you may be interested in the fact that a site with an estimated 66.3 million users will have a Voice UI interface in 2021. This is a natural progression as the average person speaks around 10,000 words per day, that’s equal to around 20 hours every week. This is making the technology easy to use. Voice platforms are ideal for Voice UI and its development is being promoted by Amazon Alexa. These could provide a simple way of interaction, in order to provide assistance and control. Microsite some industries are still yet to take on the microsite design. These are usually 25-150kb, and they usually have a site, a blog and maybe an e-commerce store. A lot of businesses also tend to use them for sales pages, to sell their services or products.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

As mentioned in a report, there will be a growing interest in developing AI technology. AI has been developed to recognize patterns in data, and it is being integrated into the development of websites. Here is a glimpse of how AI technology can make life easier for a website developer: How to generate leads with machine learning? Google AdWords just announced that they will be adding machine learning to their business campaigns. 

If a business is willing to pay the upfront costs, they can then use Google to search for keywords that have high conversion rates. Google’s neural network will then select the ones that have a higher chance of converting a lead. This new tool will make it easy for the advertisers to find profitable keywords. AI and Machine Learning are the latest web development trends among them all.  

Responsive Design and Adaptive Layout

The ultimate goal is for the website to look exactly like the mobile version. Mobile browsing is on the rise, which means the majority of people are browsing websites on the go. It is an error to make a website that looks great on the desktop or laptop but looks the same on mobile. A responsive design and adaptive layout will help us achieve that goal. The adaptive layout will be able to scale up or down depending on the resolution of the device, while the responsive layout can change according to the viewport size. Adaptive Layout refers to the ability of the website to adapt to the device being used to access it. This enables the computer to directly interact with the visitor's browser without using a flash for example.

Developing the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

Building a website should not be just about the technical aspects, but should also focus on a user's experience. UX and UI are the two facets of the website that have the most influence over its functionality and efficiency. UX: Functionality and efficiency It means that if the customer has to open your website more than once, they would have a good user experience. User interface: User-friendliness It means that if your website is able to support all the technological tools or requires them to do an average search, then you have achieved your goal. Business Rules on Responsive Web Design Customers have gone beyond desktop computers, so they expect a site that can be accessed from almost any device. The browsers have given users the freedom to be as productive as they like.



Here we have listed the major web development trends for the years to come. The way we operate should change, as we should strive to get into the future, while keeping our past in mind. The only thing that stands between us and the future is ourselves. We need to constantly evolve in every area, while keeping the feedback of our users in mind. The more we are being innovative, the better we are, because we are likely to compete, not with other businesses, but with ourselves, and in the long run, we will always survive. It all depends on the size of your business and the competition you are facing.