Android App Development

Android by Google is the most popular platform created for its smaller and portable devices like smartphones and tablets. Google ensures that all the resources and protocols are readily available so that anyone can create android applications that can run on android based devices seamlessly. Android application development is a highly technical skill that requires knowledge of various programming languages like Kotlin, Java, C, C++, HTML, and CSS.

Our android developers are highly experienced in these android app development aspects along with the knowledge of the Android Software Development Kit (SDKs) which is Google's comprehensive Software Development tool. As android does not use the basic Java standards like Java SE and ME so it is crucial to convert it into Android compatible standards. PineSucceed as an android app development services provider has all the necessary resources and minds to tackle such challenges. That's what makes us one of the best android app development companies offering best in class android app development services.

Android App Development Services

Following are some of the android app development services we offer to numerous startups, SMEs, and MNCs-

All-Out Android Services-

Our android developers understand your business requirements and vision to develop the android application from start to the final product, making sure that all your checklists are completely checked in the most user-friendly way possible.

Multi-Platform Android App Development Services-

We have android developers that can create applications capable of running on both android and iOS platforms ensuring a hassle-free user experience and increased revenue for your business.

Phased Android Application Development Services-

We help you in rolling out your application in a phased manner according to your business plan and timeline, we can take care of this along with adding features according to your timeline.

Enterprise Android Solutions-

We provide customized and dedicated enterprise android solutions for your business allowing smooth functioning of your workplace.

Testing and Bug Removal-

You also get our assistance in testing and bug removal of your existing android applications. We will help you in eliminating the security issues thereby enabling you to provide a better experience to your consumers.

Support, Maintenance, and Assistance-

PineSucceed as an android developer offers 24X7 support and maintenance to resolve any crash issues regarding your application. The smooth functioning of your application will be our top priority.

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Why is Android App Development necessary?

Android is the most popular OS in the smartphone industry. Being open-source and easy to use, it offers numerous opportunities for startups and enterprises. Some of the benefits of investing in a quality android application development are given below. All these benefits strengthen the fact that the android application development is worth investing in if your goal is to take your business to the next level.

Highly Scalable-

The new Android Studio enables android to integrate itself across devices like tablets, smartphones, wearables, etc. New emerging technologies like VR and AR are also compatible with ever-evolving android environments.

State of the art Security-

Android applications when developed through secure strategies, practices, and protocols can prove to be very secure and reliable. That's the reason why you should hire experts from PineSucceed who put best security practices into play.


Android is an Open Source OS that is highly customizable which is why it is one of the first choices of application developers for designing apps and software.

Multi-Platform Capabilities-

Android apps are coded in languages like Java which makes it very easy for the developers to make android applications work on different platforms like Ubuntu and Symbian.

Quick Development-

Android apps are very quick to develop as compared to the applications based on other platforms. The android application development is worth investing in to take your business to the next level.

PineSucceed brings your Android App Development Idea into Reality

Android app development is a task filled with many technical challenges and requires state-of-the-art expertise. With all the below-mentioned tactics, PineSucceed's development services as an android developer make sure that your android application development idea becomes the reality in the best way possible. That's why it is crucial to rely on a well-experienced android application development company like ours.

Diverse Hardware Features-

Android is an open-source operating system which makes it the most popular among device manufacturers. This is the reason there are tons of devices running on the same android version but having different hardware specifications. We understand this by being the most versatile in the industry of application development.

No Standard UI Design Rule-

Just like tons of hardware combinations, different device manufacturers feature different User Interfaces. It is a big challenge for app developers to make sure the app looks the same on different devices. PineSucced boasts a highly skilled team with rich experience in dealing with such challenges.

API Incompatibility-

Third-party APIs lack the quality standards required to build a good quality application compatible with all the versions of Android. Our team with a deep understanding of API-related challenges is capable of making a certain API work on all versions of android.

Enhancing App Visibility-

Android PlayStore is an ocean of applications that's why it is very common for applications to go unnoticed. Our design team's priority is to enhance the visibility of your applications by choosing the best name, icon, UI, and right keywords in the application description.

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PineSucceed has the best android application developers making us a trusted choice for numerous startups and enterprises when it comes to providing mobile app development services. Come with us and see your business reach unprecedented success.

What makes PineSucceed a preferred choice for Android App Development?

PineSucceed has vast experience in fulfilling our clients' demands. We have given our services to clients from diverse industries. From developing apps for well-known enterprises to emerging startups, our portfolio speaks for itself. Our biggest priority is understanding your demands and implementing the knowledge from our past projects as android developers.

Interactive Prototype-

We ensure an exclusive and interactive prototype of your mobile app as per your business demands.


PineSucceed team customizes your mobile app perfectly to fit your brand’s requirements enabling a hassle-free user experience.

100% Quality Ensured-

A project management professional is assigned to your project who ensures the quality parameters for our android services.

Timely Delivery-

You will get the best android app development solutions within the least turnaround time ensuring the highest quality.

Security Check-

In order to keep your mobile app away from all sorts of security threats, it is thoroughly checked and tested before delivery.

Post-Delivery Support-

PineSucceed also offers post-delivery support with our mobile app development packages.

Android App Development For a Range of Industries

Android App DevelopmentAndroid App DevelopmentAndroid App DevelopmentAndroid App DevelopmentAndroid App Development


Every application development project is unique on its own, but there are certain steps that are followed in almost all such projects. PineSucceed's project flow is as follows: gathering complete requirements, testing the feasibility of the project, developing a blueprint, designing the application, developing the application, testing the application, bugs removal, and delivery.

Our expertise, our values, and vast pool of knowledge as an android developer with a creative outlook while tackling every new project makes us better than the others. We believe in the You-First policy. The project is knitted around the demands and expectations of our clients related to their mobile app development.

Some of the latest technologies and tools like Java, Android Studio, Kotlin, and Flutter are used by our android app developers for mobile app development.

PineSucceed has developed 30 successful android apps so far. The apps we developed were for diverse industries, allowing our team of developers to explore new aspects of android app development.

Modification possibilities are always present when you choose our assistance in application development. We focus on delivering the final product up to the client’s expectations and satisfaction.

It depends on the nature of the project. On average, the starting cost of developing a mobile app is $1500 USD approximately. Contact our experts for more information regarding your application idea. We will develop an entire blueprint covering all cost-related aspects.

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